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Do you need an attorney to fight a false restraining order issued against you in Edgewater Borough, on the Hudson River in Bergen County? We can help. Here is a real case that our restraining order attorneys recently handled for a client accused of domestic violence in Edgewater, New Jersey. After being served with a temporary restraining order, we represented a client at a final restraining order trial in the Bergen County Superior Court located in Hackensack, New Jersey. The Judge found an act of domestic violence but also found no need to issue a restraining order to protect the alleged victim from future acts of violence. As a result, the case was dismissed. This was a great result for our client and the law firm which will allow him to remain in this country and work and continue his career. If you need assistance with a protection order in Edgewater or another community in Bergen County, contact our offices anytime for a free initial consultation. You can reach us anytime by calling (908)-336-5008 to speak with a local Bergen County domestic violence lawyer who can provide specific answers to your questions, investigate your case further, and construct the most compelling case on your behalf.

Our attorneys have been defending clients facing final restraining orders in the Family Division of Bergen County Superior Court and in Family Courts throughout New Jersey for years. During our time providing skillful defense in domestic violence cases, we have accumulated a lengthy list of successes that vindicate our clients and allow them to protect their interests and their rights. When you need a legal advocate with a depth of knowledge in this area of law, we are the team you want on your side. On the other hand, if you are in need of protection due to victimization by an abuser, we will put our knowledge and resources to work for you in court to obtain the permanent protective order you need. We also assist with issues related to domestic violence in Edgewater and throughout New Jersey, such as child custody matters and criminal charges for assault, harassment, terroristic threats, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Contact us to discuss your case today.

Facing a Permanent Restraining Order in Edgewater and Bergen County

This case is among the many in which we helped a client who was facing a permanent restraining order to avoid this and the collateral consequences of an FRO being issued. Our client, originally from China, was here on a work visa and his immigration status would be in serious jeopardy if a final restraining order was issued against him. In addition, he would be fingerprinted, placed in a statewide NJ database for domestic violence offenders, would be prohibited from owning or possessing firearms, etc.

The facts of the case were as follows: Our client and his roommate, another young professional from China, had an argument and physical fight at their apartment in Edgewater. The police were called and our client was charged with assault and terroristic threats for allegedly threatening his roommate with a knife. Ultimately, the parties had a fist fight but there were not any serious injuries. The lease at their apartment was over and the parties were no longer living together moving forward. In addition, the roommate’s visa was expiring and he was most likely returning to China if he could not remain in this country.

The trial was held in the Bergen County Superior Court before a family judge. Remember, any criminal charges related to this incident are completely separate and have nothing to do with the restraining order case. The judge found that predicate acts of domestic violence had been committed by our client based on the assault at the apartment where a knife was involved. However, he also found that there was no need for the restraining order because the parties no longer lived together and the alleged victim may not even be in the United States much longer. As a result, the Judge dismissed the restraining order.

Domestic Violence Allegations in Edgewater, Can this Affect my Citizenship?

Domestic violence allegations and related restraining orders can significantly impact immigration status in New Jersey. In fact, being convicted of any crime or offense can create additional issues for those who have not yet obtained citizenship. In domestic violence cases, being subject to a permanent restraining order can be weighed against you when evaluating whether you are of good moral character, a necessary condition for becoming a U.S. citizen. Moreover, a violation of a restraining order is in itself a crime that can provide grounds for deportation.

Citizens and non-citizens can be convicted of criminal contempt for violating the terms of a domestic violence protection order; however, non-citizens face the additional burden of potentially being removed from the country for an offense of this kind. Even if you do not violate the terms of a domestic violence order of protection, simply being subject to one can have negative consequences if you want to live, work, and potentially become a permanent citizen of the United States. Obviously, for people in these situations, the stakes are even higher. We understand the stakes and aggressively defend against restraining orders for clients with worries over immigration status in Bergen County and across NJ.

I need an Edgewater NJ Restraining Order Attorney Near Me, What Should I do?

If you are searching for an experienced domestic violence attorney handling restraining order cases in Edgewater, New Jersey, we encourage you to reach out to our firm now for dedicated guidance. Call us at (908)-336-5008 for a free consultation. A member of our team is standing by to assist you.

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