Warren County NJ Restraining Order Dismissed

Civil Restraints Negotiation by Restraining Order Defense Attorneys

NJ Restraining Order Lawyers
NJ Restraining Order Lawyers

Here is an example of a Warren County NJ Restraining Order Dismissed thanks to the Tormey Law Firm LLC. Our NJ restraining order lawyers recently represented a client facing a final restraining order (FRO) hearing at the Warren County Superior Court located in Belvidere, New Jersey. If the permanent restraining order was issued, the client would be fingerprinted, placed in a database for domestic violence offenders, could not own firearms, her travel could be restricted in and out of the country, etc. In addition, if she is not a US citizen she could be deported based on this permanent restraining order.

Christopher Perry and Travis Tormey handled the matter in court. Prior to court, we were able to speak to the Plaintiff and discuss a potential resolution to civil restraints. This consent agreement restricts how the parties can communicate and also deals with any property issues. Our client and her significant other were living together so there were outstanding issues relating to their apartment, the lease agreement, and the distribution of their property in said apartment. We were able to negotiate a civil restraints agreement that resolved all these outstanding issues and the plaintiff agreed to dismiss the temporary restraining order (TRO).

The client was extremely happy with this result and it allowed her to avoid the stress of a trial.

Final Restraining Order Dismissed in Belvidere, New Jersey

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