Reviews of Travis Tormey and the Tormey Law Firm

Travis successfully defended me in an unprecedented Final Restraining Order Trial with ease

 Posted by “Aaron” on
Upon consultation I hired Travis Tormey to defend me in a very emotional and scary time of need where I was facing a potentially devasting FRO. Travis was knowledgeable, comforting, and most importantly confident. THIS GUY KNOWS THE LAW! Watch his YouTube clips, read his reviews, and simply call him to discuss your case. I did and was so impressed with his amazing win in court. Don’t go into court without this guy in your corner. Consulted, hired, and successfully had my day in court. Thanks for everything, I hope I never need a defense attorney again, but if I do, Travis Tormey is the only lawyer I would use. All 5 stars !

Travis is a Magician once he walks into Court and goes out of his way to ensure we WIN

“Travis is a Magician once he walks into Court and goes out of his way to ensure we WIN. He is a keen listener and made sure to getting the best information from me to argue my case. Being a novice in Court, Travis made me feel confident each time I had to be present in court. I have recommended him to my Brother and a few friends. Travis has been very client centric and supportive even post completion of my legal proceedings, whenever I have required clarifications on how my concluded legal proceedings will have an impact on certain areas of my life, he has offered his advice in a timely and patient manner. All that being said, what makes Travis different is he has got the experience, knowledge and the fight in him to WIN. Thanks Travis. Be the Best.”

The most experienced, patient and affordable attorney

 Posted by “a client” on
I was charged with domestic violence simple assault and served with temporary restraining order. The first court appearance was 4 days later, with 2-day weekend in between. This was the first time ever I was charged and I was kicked out of my house. Over that weekend I read from online that potential consequence was possible jail time, job loss, criminal record, etc. I was devastated. I have responsibility to pay a mortgage and support my kid, and I don’t have any other family member in this country. I felt really helpless. Very fortunately, I read comments on this site about Mr. Tormey and his firm when I browsed the topic of domestic violence. Without hesitation I called his contact number over that weekend and someone answered my call and took my contact info. I was assured that Mr. Tormey would call me on Monday. Sure enough, Mr. Tormey called me on Monday morning. After he gathered some basic facts he comforted me that I would not go to jail. That was big relief to me. In our first face to face meeting, Mr. Tormey explained patiently to me his defence plan, and suggested flat fee of $3500 for my two cases. That was a very good deal because it gave me the financial certainty. He first postponed the two court dates to give us more time. On my first court date, he talked with the plaintiff before the court and pursuaded her successfully to take some time to rethink about the charge and postpone the trial. He followed up with the plaintiff next week and negotiated with her attorney to replace TRO with a civil consent order and help to drop the simple assault charge. During the negotiation, Mr. Tormey answered my numerous questions very patiently. After we got the consent order in place, Chris Perry appeared twice in the court with me and every thing just went as planned – two charges were dismissed. I am very impressed by Chris confidence in the court. With him standing by my side, I felt everything was under control. The only thing I did in the court was answering judge with my name. If you face the similar charges, I highly recommend to let Mr. Tormey and his team represent you. From my experience, the legal system is far too complicated and risky for ordinary people to deal with by yourself, you need experienced criminal lawyer to go through it with you. Mr. Tormey and his team can give you best outcome with affordable price.

Travis Tormey successfully had a False TRO against me dismissed.

 Posted by “a client” on
I am more than happy with the service that Mr. Travis Tormey provided me and would not hesitate to use his services again if necessary. I faced a very serious situation when my EX-GF filed a ridiculous (false) temporary restraining order along with harassment charges against me to blackmail me that threatened my livelihood (career), reputation, and integrity. I was really shocked and blindsided by her and that the court would grant something serious like a TRO to me that was based on very little evidence of any domestic violence if at all and was not sure what I would do. Even though I felt my EX-GF had a very weak case I simply could not take any chances as there are never any guarantees in the court room especially with how the TRO was easily granted. Simply put it was a big stretch the whole story from my EX-GF and I knew right then and there after getting served that I needed to find the most experienced seasoned criminal attorney that I could find. Luckily I was able to reach Mr. Travis Tormey on such short notice ( had a mandated court case within 10 days for hearing after plaintiff files restraining order) and he was able to prepare a adequate defense, explained to me what I would be expecting, and above all reassured me that he would aggressively try to get this unsubstantiated TRO dismissed as well as the harassment charge. Sure enough he did just that and on such short notice that it left me after it was all said and done very impressed. Even if it went to a hearing Mr. Tormey gave me the belief and confidence based on the evidence we were facing and overall defensive strategy we were to present that I would have a very strong chance of becoming victorious. The most important things though, I was not fingerprinted, did not face the real stigma of a FRO, and above all do not have a record. I am really glad I was able to retain him to represent me and would highly recommend him to anyone facing a similar troublesome potentially life-altering situation.

Restraining Order

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I was facing a Restraining Order full of lies!! This was an very serious problem for me because I’m a man of integrity and good reputation. I have an awesome Government job that requires special federal licenses that are very hard to obtain. I was falsely accused of hitting my x-girlfriend, stalking, starving and harassing her simply because out of care and concern after receiving a text message break-up and a 6 month silent treatment; I contacted her Pastor and sent her an e-mail asking if she was okay and suggested we go for counseling. Travis and Chris sprung into action with very little notice and got my case dismissed. This is the best law firm I have ever dealt with!! If you are in trouble don’t even give it a second thought, hire this law firm!!

Case dismissed with Data Driven Facts

 Posted by client on
Travis dealt my case with passion, professionalism and punctuality. The flat fee was very reasonable for the amount of effort that had to be put in the case (4 hearings). Travis helped me arrange all the data I had gathered for my defense. His thoroughness with my case and his knowledge of the law were quite evident when he presented the closing summary in front of the judge. I would highly recommend him to prospective clients.

If you are reading this- You have reached the right place! Undoubtedly, the BEST Law Firm in New Jersey!

 Posted by Sumeer on
Case: Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence
Reviewed: Travis Tormey, Christopher Perry and Samantha
I retained the Tormey Law Firm, after consulting with three other law firms, to represent me. I spoke with Travis Tormey on the phone, and within 3 hours, I was sitting across him explaining my case. Before I met Travis, I was a complete nervous wreck and post our initial meeting, I walked out feeling confident and secure. Such is the Confidence, Persona and Expertise that Travis exhibits. Travis not only defended me against a restraining order but also fought to obtain a restraining order in my favor to protect me from further violent attacks. The outcome of the case was exactly what Travis predicted and I am really happy with the results and feel safe.
Travis Tormey: The level of efforts invested by Travis were amazing. He does NOT just meet you in court at the 11th hour- Instead he sits with you at his well appointed offices to prepare the case/defense, and goes into in-depth detail to ensure that he is ready and also to make sure that you feel confident and safe. If he utters this statement- That he is “LOCKED and LOADED” for your case defense, then trust me, you are in really good hands.
Travis is very punctual- He represented me in multiple hearings and he was always in court before me, completely prepared and always willing to lend a reassuring shoulder.
Inside the court room, Travis grows larger than life, is so involved and committed. One has to witness his skills, especially at the closing arguments (which he is a master off) where the passion exhibited by him is so clearly evident. His voice booms and echoes and I experienced it always hitting its mark. My case was so lengthy, complex and convoluted, but I did not see Travis ever miss a beat.
In fact, I have retained the Tormey Law form to represent me in two more cases related to the same domestic disputes (as prosecuting attorneys).
His knowledge of the law, the legal system, due processes and his experience with all levels of the judicial system (Municipal Court, Superior Court, Appellate Courts) are definitely a strong leverage on your side.
Christopher Perry: Chris is handling two appeals for me, and is such an amazing attorney. Together, Travis and Chris, are a formidable team. Both- with their larger than life personalities, their confidence and their willingness to invest in you are, in my opinion, the best legal representation you can possibly get. Chris always paints an accurate picture and has spent hours on my case. He also has extensive experience at all levels of the court system and is very patient in explaining the process, timelines and the case-work. Chris has displayed such religious diligence and integrity in my complex cases
Samantha (Office Manager)
I have saved the best for the last: Samantha is such a wonderful and considerate person and, despite the fact that I am a big Follow-Up guy, I never saw Samantha lose her patience. No matter what document, information, update I needed, Samantha has always been there to help and support. She is an excellent manager who knows all about the paperwork/documentation is always willing to help. She is very prompt in obtaining affidavits, certifications and dispositions. She really knows her way around the legal system.
Long review, but I strongly feel that Travis has an amazing team and exceptional skills and other should benefit from this just as I did. I dd not know anything about the legal system earlier and was thoroughly intimidated by my circumstances before meeting Travis and his team. Today I am confident and feel I have found great attorneys and have no cause to worry.
I do not wish legal troubles on anyone, but if you are unfortunately caught in a vortex, then reach out to the Tormey Law Firm. I wasn’t disappointed and neither will you be! God Bless!!!

I highly endorse Travis Tormey.

Posted by a domestic violence client on
Due to unfortunate circumstances I recently had a TRO ”temporary restraining order” served to me unexpectedly and instantly was highly concerned. The TRO was requested by an ex-girlfriend and was entirely false and unwarranted, it was the middle of the night and as part of the order the police had searched my home, as my ex had lied to the police and told them that I had threatened her with a firearm, so the police had to conduct a search, the search turned up nothing and the police left although this obviously left both myself and my fiancée very concerned. It was also the middle of the night so as soon as the commotion died down I immediately did a Google search on “NJ Temporary Restraining Order” and one of the first links to come up was to one Travis Tormey. I called Travis and left a message at his office at midnight, one of the best decisions I have ever made, and he immediately returned my call first thing in the morning.

I explained to Travis the next morning My ex was accusing me of “harassment” via social media and defaming her character, and informed him of the events regarding the night before and unwarranted search of the house by the police. I explained to Travis that my initial concern was what type of impact this would have on my record if a Final Restraining Order was issued, and with all my research regardless of if it came up on any type of background check or not this was not a stigma that I wanted associated with my character. I also told Travis I was concerned if the final order was put in place what type of permanent restrictions this would have on the rest of my life. Final Restraining Orders are no joke and have deep impact and Travis explained all of this to me. I ultimately made the decision to hire Travis and let me say for both myself and my fiancée this was one of the best decisions we ever made. Travis ultimately won our case with absolutely no hard evidence on my part besides the testimony of me and my fiancée. My ex came to court for the final hearing with a plethora of nasty comments made by myself via social media, which I regret and were in response to insults made by my ex to both myself and my fiancée. Despite this Travis used his expertise to prove that these allegations were false and that there was an ulterior motive of jealousy on the part of my ex and that she was using the legal system unjustly and unfairly in an attempt to further try to disrupt the happy life of me and fiancée.

Travis was dynamite in the courtroom as he controlled all situations with ease and professionalism ultimately winning our case. I can honestly say that calling Travis that night saved my life in numerous ways and I would tell anyone hesitating due to financial or any other reasons DEFINITELY MKE THE CALL TO TRAVIS, you can never put a price on these type of things and Travis is the right man for the job.

Hired to defend me in a restraining order

 Posted by Manuel on
Travis found away to have it dimissed. And i kept my home!!!
Cant beat that

Restraining Order

After receiving a Restraining Order by an ex girlfriend accusing me of harassment which was false, I contacted the law firm. They were very professional and help to keep me calm and relaxed. Travis and Chris helped me to get all the information I needed. I was also in the process of obtaining a high level position when this happened and was concerned about it affecting me getting the new job. Chris helped to get the case dismissed as quickly as possible and did an excellent job of keeping me informed. They are a great law firm and would recommend them to anyone.