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nj-restraining-order-attorney-300x200Here is an example of a Somerville NJ Restraining Order dropped thanks to the Tormey Law Firm LLC. Travis J. Tormey and Christopher Perry of the Tormey Law Firm LLC recently represented a client facing a permanent restraining order in the Somerset County Superior Court in Somerville, New Jersey. The client was also charged with simple assault, a disorderly persons criminal offense punishable by up to $1,000 fine, 6 months in the county jail, and a permanent criminal charge on his record. In addition, our client was not a United States citizen so if a permanent restraining order was issued against him and/or he was convicted of simple assault he could be deported from the United States.

There was very little evidence of assault or any past history of domestic violence. Based on these issues, Mr. Tormey and Mr. Perry were able to negotiate a satisfactory solution with the attorney for the alleged victim. The parties entered into a consent order (civil restraints) which detailed their future interactions and the management of their only child. In addition, the alleged victim agreed to drop the restraining order and to assist in convincing the State of NJ to drop the simple assault charge against our client.

Pursuant to our agreement, the civil restraints was entered and the restraining order was dropped. Then, we appeared in the local Municipal Court and the simple assault charge was also dropped. This was crucial for our client as this result allowed him to avoid any immigration consequences and potential deportation. The client was tremendously satisfied with the result and the services he received from the Tormey Law Firm LLC.

Final Restraining Order Lawyers in Somerville, New Jersey

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